About Abdullah Fouad

Abdullah Fouad

Abdullah Fouad is a video-game enthusiast, who has acquired 5 years’ experience in preparing, improving and delivering training. 

His passion is exploring the techniques that empower and improve educators who coach people and leave an impact on them. 

With a very diverse professional background, Abdullah is currently working at Nagwa As a business development specialist before that he was at Nahdet Misr Publishing House working As a Corporate business Developer whose responsible for consult and offer solutions for corporates matching up their needs in the learning and development process , and also he works at INJAZ-Egypt as an Entrepreneurship trainer whose main job is to inspire, empower and prepare Egyptian students, increasing their opportunities to join the work market as qualified employees and entrepreneurs. During his period with INJAZ Egypt, he has been to over 12 different universities around Egypt 

A step from that, Abdullah is one of the infrastructure associates in House of Knowledge. He is the Training and Development specialist; he prepares, develop, design and executes training programs and prepares the instructors to perform well on these programs. His job description also includes monitoring and evaluating the performance of the instructors throughout different modules, set feedback meetings with them, create and execute session rehearsals, and help sustain the instructors’ good behavior and attitude toward the student 

Abdullah has Trained over 2900 trainees with more than 800 training hours with basic or tailored workshops For several individuals, corporates, universities, schools, startups, NGOs and student activities.